Re: Re: Smicz TADS to tame a 59 Bassman RI?

fjm wrote:
"I tried a Smicz TAD in one of my Whites. It also works in my Champ. It
pretty much ruins the tone for me."


Why would you want to throttle down the power on these already-small amps? 
They're great for harp as is, and perfect for small gigs. If anything, 
they're under powered for larger gigs.
Kind of reminds me of hearing folks say that preamp tube substitutions 
"don't work" because they tried them in their 5-watt Valco or Gibson and it 
made the amp sound muddy .... of course: Those amps are ALREADY killer. No, 
preamp tube substitution is not going to make every single amp more harp 
friendly. But it will be beneficial, IMO, in higher-power, high-gain modern 
amps such as the Fender Pro Junior or Blues Junior or reissue Ampeg Jet.
But back to the TADS. I'm still curious to hear from anyone who's used this 
to tame a large, high-powered amp for harp.

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