Re: Augusta Heritage Blues Week 2003

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> There was magic in the outdoor jamming and sipping  in the warm
> West Virginia evenings.
> Jim Rossen

I concur.  It was all that for me.  Maybe I'll go back this year.  I don't 
remember what it cost me all together but probably in the neighborhood of 
$800 including travel, maybe less.  Staying in the dorms is fine.  There will 
be plenty of over 50 old folks there.  The food is terrible.  You don't get 
much sleep because you want to jam all night and then you don't want to miss 
anything the next day.  too much fun - summer camp for grown-ups.  Besides 
the harp players, there were plenty of good guitar players too.  I had a 
class with John Cephas and got to jam with John Jackson.  I wonder who the 
guitar pickers will be this year?
Walter Lay

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