Augusta Heritage Blues Week 2003

RE Iceman's message below-

I strongly concur that attending a a program like Blues Week at Augusta (AKA
harmonica summer sleepover camp for adults) can be a musically transforming
experience.  I've gone to Augusta a few times,  Port Townsend in WA state,
and the Barrett Masterclass in TX.  Each has their strong points, but I
enjoyed Augusta the most.  I can say from personal experience that Grant,
Phil and Larry are all fine teachers, and I bet that Carlos will be a
revelation.  There was magic in the outdoor jamming and sipping  in the warm
West Virginia evenings.

Jim Rossen

Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:31:38 -0500
From: Iceman6300@xxxxxxx
Subject: Augusta Heritage Blues Week 2003

There is no substitute for real time harmonica interaction with qualified
teachers and avid musicians.

One of these best experiences is found in the hills of West Virginia at the
annual Augusta Heritage Blues Week (

The blues harmonica teacher line up for 2003 is

Phil Wiggins
Grant Dermondy
Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg
Carlos del Junco

While Phil, Grant and I have taught during previous years, this will be the
first time for Carlos, and a real special opportunity to learn from one of
the most inspired players in today's diatonic community.

Carlos blends a traditional blues background with his unique and very
contemporary approach to line and "laid back" swing groove.

Check out the Augusta website as well as

The Iceman

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