Re: Smicz TADS to tame a 59 Bassman RI?

I had an amp tech add a potentiometer which varied the voltage applied to 
the phase inverter tube on my Bassman RI.  This works great to give you fat 
tone on the bassman at low volumes.  I am not sure of the circuit (maybe 
someone on the list can enlighten us)   The mod was very cheap and 
compeletly reversible.  He put the Pot right in one of the speaker 
connectors on the chassis.  The charge was about $30 including labor.

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>Subject: Smicz TADS to tame a 59 Bassman RI?
>Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 19:54:34 +0000
>Just wondering if anyone on list has tried using TADS from Smicz 
>Amplification as a way to throttle down the power in your 59 Bassman RI or 
>other high-power amp. Here's the description from 
>"Many of us own great amps that are WAY TOO LOUD for non-stage situations. 
>We've all annoyed loved ones and neighbors trying to let the power tubes in 
>our amps get a workout, and most of us have flirted with permanent ear 
>damage or met local law enforcement personnel in the process. Most players 
>don't realize that 3-5 watts can be surprisingly loud for home practice 
>situations. ... Our TADs are direct replacements for your amp's higher 
>wattage power tubes. A pair of TADs will bring your beloved 50-watt Plexi 
>down to a very manageable 3-4 watts. The same is true for that fine 
>sounding Blackface Super. Simply replace your output tubes with the correct 
>TADs and away you go. There is no adjustment or rebiasing needed. Finally, 
>power tube saturation at reasonable volumes."
>A '59 Bassman RI will require a pair of TAD-2HVs, which runs $135 with 
>shipping in the U.S. Not cheap, but perhaps a good way to get fat tone at 
>lower volumes from this amp.
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