Re: Augusta Heritage Blues Week 2003

Dear Larry,
    This sounds like something that I would like to attend, however, I have
some questions.
    Do older people attend these classes or is it primarily for young
people?  I am 57.
    Could you give me a ballpark figure for the cost of this experience?  I
guessed around $800.00.
    Would you suggest staying in dorm housing or do you have to stay off
    I would really like any information you could give me.

Thank you
Gary Leach

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> There is no substitute for real time harmonica interaction with qualified
teachers and avid musicians.
> One of these best experiences is found in the hills of West Virginia at
the annual Augusta Heritage Blues Week (
> The blues harmonica teacher line up for 2003 is
> Phil Wiggins
> Grant Dermondy
> Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg
> Carlos del Junco
> While Phil, Grant and I have taught during previous years, this will be
the first time for Carlos, and a real special opportunity to learn from one
of the most inspired players in today's diatonic community.
> Carlos blends a traditional blues background with his unique and very
contemporary approach to line and "laid back" swing groove.
> Check out the Augusta website as well as
> The Iceman
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