Re: Augusta Heritage Blues Week 2003

Larry mentioned two items in his post that I'll attest to without

> Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:31:38 -0500
> From: Iceman6300@xxxxxxx
> Subject: Augusta Heritage Blues Week 2003
> There is no substitute for real time harmonica interaction with qualified
teachers and avid musicians.
> One of these best experiences is found in the hills of West Virginia at
the annual Augusta Heritage Blues Week (

I'd say that my week at Augusta several years ago was an epiphany for me.
Total immersion in blues harmonica for a solid week with outstanding
teachers, a beautiful environment at Davis & Elkins College, and the chance
to pick up so many little riffs, ideas, techniques from the teachers and
your classmates too. I took the intermediate/advanced course from Larry too,
and it expanded my harp horizons immensely. It is an intense, nearly
round-the-clock experience with classroom study, meetings, and evening jam
sessions that go on til the wee early hours. In my opinion, a great
investment to my harpicology/harmonicology degree. If you haven't been, give
Augusta some serious thought!

bill otten
St. Petersburg, FL

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