Re: Disappearance of Regular Contibutors

- --- Paul Messinger <alliance@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now of course, I personally have always enjoyed
> the personality issues, endless petty disputes,
> and gossip that have always flavored Harp-L
> culture, and have probably done more than my part
> in keeping things interesting in that regard.  So
> if necessary, I'll be glad to stir the pot or
> start a rumor or two before things get too
> nicey-nicey out of hand . . .
> Warm Regards as always-Paul Messinger/Chapel Hill
> NC

Oh yeah? Sez you!!

LOL! Hey Paul! It's really great to see you post to
the 'L' again. 

I for one, have missed your input here. Hope you
will once again help stir the pot of harmoniculture
around here. 

Stay well!

Harpin' in Colorado,
- --Ken M.

"When you speak of Walter Horton, the first thing you think of is his tone, that big, fat tone."
- ---Li'l Ronnie Owens

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