Re: ultimos,was New Harp from Tombo

The ultimos have extremely thick reed plates, & narrower, fastened with
umpteen screws,which do not fit LO, or even come close. They are very
comfortable to hold, and surprisingly loud & mellow. The coverplate height
is minimal, but even the bottom draw on my low F does not 'buzz'. Some of my
favorite harps have been ultimos, they overblow with minimal tweaking, but
they don't last nearly as well as LO's. I havent seen any in alternate
Rob V
J Ross wrote
> As for other Tombo diatonics, I'd guess he feels that they don't really
> offer anything different enough from the LO to make it worthwhile (or
> profitable).  The Ultimo is quite nice, using the same reeds as the LO
> (if not reed-plate and comb), but has some truly wretched covers.
> Moreover, it really isn't a substantially different design.

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