Re: New Harp from Tombo

In a message dated 1/6/2003 4:18:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, NormHC@xxxxxxx 

> Hi Dave,
> I wish you well, but don't hold out much hope for you. I sell a lot of 
> Tombo 
> Tremolo's to the the USA, these have been available for a long time, and 
> are 
> still not
> sold in the USa.
> Regards
> Norman
> --
> Norm,
    That's because there is not a HUGE demand for tremolo's(tombo that is) in 
the US.It just sounds to me that you know I'm right and your afraid to admit 
it.I don't need your hope either,I'm perfectly happy with my less expensive 
meisterklasse harps!Thank you very much and good luck with your 

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