RE: New Harp from Tombo

JR "Bulldogge" Ross wrote:
"The Ultimo is quite nice, using the same reeds as the LO (if not reed-plate 
and comb), but has some truly wretched covers."


Wretched? When I lived in the Czech Republic, I owned a few Tombo Ultimos 
and felt they were damn fine harps all the way around. I especially liked 
the comfortable, easy-to-hold design - very much like a Suzuki Promaster. If 
I recall correctly, though, they cost about a third more than the Lee Oskars 
(which at that time were my harp of choice) so I didn't buy many. 
Incidentally, I also liked the Tombo Folk-Blues model which seemed to be the 
same as a Lee Oskar, but with different coverplate stampings (and a lower 
price tag).

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