Re: Fw: Re: Passing of King Biscuit Boy

Thanks for the news Donnie.

KBB was a regular in this area, just down the highway from where he 
lived.. The last time I saw him was the summer of 2001 and I was 
stunned. He looked ancient and was well into his cups at noon. I 
suspect this was in part of what eventually got to him. It was sad 
because I remember him from better days and he was a pale shadow of 
himself. He barely played one full 20 minute set.
Too many great harp talents have been eroded by excessive lifestyles 
and Richard was one of them. In the past few years he had trouble 
getting bookings anywhere because of his unpredictability.

But when he was on.... WOW! What a showman... what tone and power.

I will always remember him for what he was in his prime and not my 
last encounter with him.

Steve Lawton

>Donnie MorTone wrote:
>>  "Real Blues magazine regrets to inform Blues lovers of the death of Richard
>>  Newell A.K.A. King Biscuit Boy, Canada's King of the Blues. Biscuit Boy
>>  released several critically acclaimed albums between 1970 and 2002 and was
>>  acknowledged as a musical genius and blues archivist with an astounding
>>  personal history that went back to the late 1950s. Cause and date of death
>>  are yet to be determined, but Richard was last heard from on New Year's Eve.
>>  Best, Cheri Wilhelm and Andy Grigg/Publishers.
>>  realblues@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>King Biscuit Boy and Crowbar are also one of my all time favorites. 
>One of the
>best and most underated blues-rock bands of all time IMHO.  And Richard Newell
>was one hell of a great harp player/singer.  He will be missed.
>RIP King Biscuit Boy
>Don D.
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