Re: The line between advertising, promoting and spamming

On Sun, 5 Jan 2003 16:50:04 -0500, jross38 wrote:

>While the recent brouhaha over specific ad-related harp-l posts is
>probably best dealt with off-list, it does raise a significant question
>as to what is appropriate on-list in terms of advertising and the like.

While I realize you didn't ask, my firmly held position is that one of the many features that make Harp-l useful is the ability to find, buy, or sell harmonica related 
gear. Ours is a specialized instrument, and its not as if you can reasonably expect to walk into your local music store and find a wide array of harmonica 
products, recordings, or publications. Personally, I would prefer to err on the side of allowing too much commercial content on harp-l than to discourage 
harmonica entrepreneurs who may depend on free and easy access to harmonica players. 

Perhaps I'm unique in having the will power, stamina, and ability to scan headers and only read e-mails on topics of interest. I may be blessed in this way. But I 
suspect that a little more filtering by subscribers would help to avoid ad nauseum discussions of "what is appropriate for harp-l" and would have the effect of 
making the list more pleasant and useful for all of us, regardless of what we come here for.

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Barry B. Bean
Bean & Bean Cotton Company
Peach Orchard, MO

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