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>From: "Tim Bennett" <timbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: high A harp?
>Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 06:13:48 -0500
>Bushman/Weltmeister makes one. You can get it at Harp Depot.
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>From: "Arthur Pellerin" <aepellerin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>     Is it possible to make a high A harp? Or are the reeds 
>>just too thin.

True.  John Hall at HarpDepot.com has been offering the Bushman [akin
to the Weltmeister Blackbird] in High A for some time now.  He "drove"
me to try one about a year ago for a "friend's price" so I don't
remember how much he normally charges, but it is truly an interesting
plaything!  But I still prefer the lower range myself.

On another point, I normally prefer chrome or stainless steel diatonic
covers, but if it were my choice for a black enameled finish on the
covers of a harmonica, I'd probably prefer the shape of the Hohner
Martin covers [based, to my knowledge, on Kevin McGowan's coverplate
design,] with the finish on the Soul's Voice Bushman [including the
high "A".]  Like any paint, it can be scratched or chipped, but it's
generally a slick, durable black coating on the Bushman coverplates,
[and better than that on the Martins.]  It's a shame how Hohner killed
the Martin design, because, to my mind, the coverplate shape was
tonally just about the best for a diatonic harp that I've so far found.
 When I find them on "close out" sales or such, I buy 'em up! :)))

To this day, I still don't know why Hohner discontinued the Martin,
except for the fact that the comb was Doussie wood, which they
experimented with as a replacement for pearwood, but decided it was
more trouble than it was worth.  It was brittle, prone to splitting
when nailed. :)))  Anyway, when doussie went out, so did the Martins,
coincidence or not.  Too bad... both had their merits.

BTW, the Bushman is available in high "G" and "A flat" as well.

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