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Featured Chat Guest Mark Hummel
Jan 6th, 2003

Special thanks to Harp-L! Here is the chat transcritpt!
Nelsen Adelard Chat - Monday January 13th

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Mark Hummel has joined The Blues Chat!

(18:05:08) Mark Hummel: thanks

(18:05:14) vince: Welcome Mark Hummel!

(18:05:25) dave: hi mark

(18:05:32) Keebs: Hi Mark

(18:05:45) Mark Hummel: hi

(18:06:02) vince: Thanks for coming! Great to actually have this working!
Everyone please welcome Mr. Hummel and feel free to discuss anything you

(18:06:24) Keebs: Seen You In New Brunswick NJ WOW

(18:06:46) dave: mark i just paid $'s for Catalyst show. Your still coming

(18:06:53) Mark Hummel: Thanks

(18:07:12) Mark Hummel: Yea

(18:07:29) Mark Hummel: We'll be there

(18:08:13) vince: Thanks for coming! Great to actually have this working!
Everyone please welcome Mr. Hummel and feel free to discuss anything you

(18:08:16) dave: great! you have a cd release party in late jan. care to
discuss the new cd?

(18:08:42) Keebs: Mark Whats Your Take On Steve Guyger Is He The Real Deal

(18:09:16) Mark Hummel: Sure,we cut it over the last year & a half in

(18:10:25) dave: any covers?

(18:10:25) Mark Hummel: Steve Guyger great,I want to have him on one of the
blowoffs-I know he thinks I'm bullshittin but I will get him out for one

(18:11:18) Mark Hummel: The new cd isa doing pretty good on radio

(18:11:25) Keebs: He Impesses Me

(18:11:36) vince: mark- Who is your favorite (LIVING) blues artist?

(18:12:01) Mark Hummel: I souded Italian on that answer

(18:13:04) Mark Hummel: Robert Jr,Cotton,Otis Rush,Paul Delay,on & on

(18:13:40) Mark Hummel: Sam Myers,Snooky Pryor,B.B.

(18:13:55) Keebs: Did You Ever See Little Sammy Davis

(18:14:19) Mark Hummel: Yea,Sam is real killer

(18:14:51) dave: I'm still alive.

(18:15:42) Keebs: What Makes Him such A Good Harp Player

(18:15:47) Mark Hummel: Hav'nt heard you?

(18:16:42) dave: thats allright i can live with it.

(18:16:42) Mark Hummel: Great ideas & tone,Sammy plays real cool 3rd
position too

(18:16:49) dave: didnt know it was out. whats the title and is it in the

(18:17:23) System: James has joined. Welcome!

(18:17:40) Mark Hummel: Golden State Blues on Electro-fi. At Tower & Borders

(18:17:53) Keebs: Does It Take Years To Develope Good TONE

(18:18:01) vince: mark- Who is your favorite (LIVING) blues artist?

(18:18:18) vince: sorry for the retype!

(18:18:42) Mark Hummel: I thought i just answered that ?

(18:19:04) vince: you did I made a mistake

(18:19:07) dave: who are yuo featuring and are you bringing em to the shows?

(18:19:33) James: I thought Golden Stae was a choice Cd

(18:20:20) James: Like the 'hidden' roller coaster cut

(18:21:00) Mark Hummel: The shows are James Cotton,Paul DeLay,James
Harman,Jr. Watson,Huey Lewis is even on a couple,9 shows around Ca.

(18:21:12) Mark Hummel: thanks

(18:22:01) Mark Hummel: I'm sorry,I misunderstood,yea,I'll bring my cds.

(18:23:18) James: Ever heard Dennis Grueling's take?

(18:23:50) Mark Hummel: The cd featues my band & Rusty & Anson on a ccouple

(18:24:55) Mark Hummel: I do have Dennis's take of Rollar coaster,very good
job-especially the tone

(18:25:28) James: I like both versions :-)

(18:25:57) Mark Hummel: thanks

(18:26:50) dave: anson can lay it down for you.

(18:26:51) James: We need the Harp blow down here on the east Coast Mark!!!

(18:27:13) System: barbequebob has joined. Welcome!

(18:27:27) Mark Hummel: I'm trying to get on the N.Y. state Blues Fest

(18:27:33) System: Keebs has left.

(18:27:47) System: Keebs has joined. Welcome!

(18:27:47) James: Last I saw you this way was at a Halloween function.

(18:27:57) barbequebob: Hi Everybody!

(18:28:16) Mark Hummel: The guy from N.Y. called about having the blowout.

(18:28:24) Keebs: Hi BOB

(18:28:45) dave: Bob!

(18:28:51) James: They had one at the Jersey Shore last April..I believe

(18:28:52) Mark Hummel: The sound was rather rough at Bucks Co.

(18:29:16) vince: How's Electro? Arn't you still w/ them now?

(18:29:31) James: I laughed when you said "I need my ears!"

(18:30:25) barbequebob: Hi Mark! You probaly don't remember me, but we met
some years ago in Boston at the Monday nite jam at Wally's Cafe in Boston
where Chris Stovall Brown was playing in

(18:30:36) Mark Hummel: They're a great label to be with,Andrew's a harp
freak,that helps.

(18:31:16) Mark Hummel: I remember that,I had'nt seen Chris in like 25 years

(18:31:30) dave: is rusty still a central coast californian?

(18:31:51) James: That blow down had Howard Levy at the end..but I'd prefer
one like the Mountain Top Double CD.

(18:32:02) Mark Hummel: He's been sending me great videos of Blues all last

(18:32:06) barbequebob: He's still around, and just got married about a year

(18:32:53) Mark Hummel: Yea,Rusty moved to sacto. & lives in back of Rick's

(18:33:10) Mark Hummel: & divorced

(18:33:40) Keebs: Hey Barbeque Bob Good Article

(18:34:10) barbequebob: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it

(18:35:51) vince: Hi Mark... Coming to Mississippi soon?

(18:36:42) Mark Hummel: I could'nt find anywhere to play there this
time,I'll be in Al. though

(18:37:16) Mark Hummel: Mongomery

(18:37:24) James: Try the Biloxi Casino's

(18:37:54) Mark Hummel: okay

(18:37:56) System: bluz has joined. Welcome!

(18:38:18) barbequebob: Hi Bluz!

(18:38:40) James: After reading Honey Piazza's diaries, it seems tough out
there for even established bluesmen.

(18:39:17) Mark Hummel: That's the truth,tougher every day

(18:39:29) James: Glad I'm in a local yokel gig here in Philly. :-)

(18:39:47) vince: I am tryiing to catch your show! Maybe I'll see you this

(18:39:51) Mark Hummel: &the Flyers have it good

(18:40:36) James: So far. Is the blues in a down turn?

(18:40:36) barbequebob: Mark, when will you be back in the New England area?

(18:40:42) Mark Hummel: Where you gonna come see us Vince?

(18:41:03) Keebs: You Comin Back To Jersey

(18:41:28) vince: Somewhere in North Mississippi, Memphis or north west AL

(18:41:30) Mark Hummel: e & we'll be in Maine in march

(18:42:10) barbequebob: Where? At the Big Easy in Portland?

(18:42:19) Mark Hummel: We'll be in Asbury Park,NJ & Hanover,Pa in March

(18:42:40) Keebs: ALLRIGHT

(18:42:49) Mark Hummel: Timeout Pub in Rockland,Me.

(18:43:53) Mark Hummel: My website's been revamped & always is

(18:44:07) barbequebob: I played there in '94 w/Louisiana Red subbing for
Carey Bell. Had to dodge quite the snowstorm for that. It's a cool place

(18:44:57) Mark Hummel: We just played King Biscuit with Carey.

(18:45:51) James: Dang I didn't see it on Bassharp's site!

(18:45:56) Mark Hummel: New England is getting tough for Blues Clubs lately

(18:45:57) barbequebob: How's Carey doing these days, cause I haven't seen
him in a few years?

(18:46:28) Mark Hummel: That was Oct. we played Helena

(18:47:00) Keebs: Mark I Noticed You Have a hell Of aSchedule howdo you

(18:47:05) James: Where is the best region for blues now?

(18:47:14) Mark Hummel: Carey was totally ontop of his game at that show &
we did a jam with Billy Branch

(18:47:30) System: bluz was idle over 3 minutes and has been disconnected.

(18:47:35) System: bluz has joined. Welcome!

(18:47:38) James: I was in Frisco, and well frankly, the NorthEast had it
over them.

(18:47:39) vince: mentioning the site. it's at:

(18:47:55) Mark Hummel: We travel by van mostly

(18:47:57) barbequebob: Yeah, it has been of late. I think there's a new
club in Somerville, MA opening up that's gonna do blues & clasic rock I
think called Skye Blue. 20 years ago Providence RI was a bigger hotbed than
Boston was

(18:48:26) Mark Hummel: Everywhere sucks for blues

(18:48:32) James: You guys have Ryan Hartt in RI

(18:48:36) Keebs: Wow

(18:48:48) barbequebob: He's based out of CT

(18:48:58) Mark Hummel: I'll check that out ,Bob

(18:49:08) barbequebob: I never see Ryann up here in Boston

(18:49:32) Mark Hummel: I've heard of him

(18:50:10) James: New Cd , I just ordered it..nice sound.

(18:50:28) barbequebob: I don't know who's booking the club yet, cuz I just
read about it today in the Boston Globe, so I gotta check this out myself.

(18:50:30) Mark Hummel: thanks

(18:50:31) James:

(18:50:34) Keebs: You Have Guyger In PHILLY James

(18:51:05) barbequebob: Steve's my buddy! Say hi for me, man

(18:51:27) System: bluz2 has joined. Welcome!

(18:51:35) James: Steve is cool also Dennis Grueling.. & some guy named
Hummel when he comes..LOL

(18:51:50) barbequebob: Steve replaced me in Jimmy Rogers' band

(18:51:51) Keebs: Steves Everyones Buddy

(18:52:15) barbequebob: Dennis is a mutha!!

(18:52:32) Mark Hummel: There's lots of goodvplayers out there these days

(18:52:51) bluz2: oh yea, and the chick he has with him ain't too shabby

(18:52:53) System: slotony has joined. Welcome!

(18:53:07) Keebs: Hummell Aint Bad Either

(18:53:08) System: bluz was idle over 3 minutes and has been disconnected.

(18:53:08) James: Indeed, so many cats..makes me want to pick up the guitar
again. ;-)

(18:53:20) Mark Hummel: sorry for my pitiful typing

(18:53:24) barbequebob: Used to be alot more harp players around New
Englandbut not as many these days

(18:53:39) James: Why the downturn in Blues Mark,,,any insight?

(18:53:58) barbequebob: Mark, you ain't the only one!!! LOL!!!!!1

(18:54:19) barbequebob: It's always run in cycles over the years

(18:54:25) Keebs: I Feel Its comin Back

(18:54:25) Mark Hummel: I remember when Boston had one of the best scenes in
the US

(18:55:18) barbequebob: I do too, and I think a big hunk of the guys moved
to Austin, TX in the mid 80's

(18:55:25) Mark Hummel: Older Audience,not enough young folks into it.

(18:56:01) barbequebob: Like Sarah Brown, Kaz, Fran christina, and John

(18:56:04) System: deaf_cabbage has joined. Welcome!

(18:56:12) Mark Hummel: You're right about that,Bob

(18:56:46) [vince->bluz2]: that's fine.. sorry! and you can whisper by
selecting the persons name you want to wisper to at the left of where you
type (where it says "All").. Rmemember that before anyone else can hear you
you must select "All" again!

(18:57:16) barbequebob: There are some goodn young guns out there tho. One
is a guitar player who had his 1st band with me in '95 at age 18, Troy
Gonyea who now plays with the TBirds, and he's also a terrific harp player

(18:57:26) Mark Hummel: I think Paul Rischell,Ronnie Earl & Portnoy,Maxwell
are the main guys left,beside you & Chris

(18:57:33) Keebs: Its Comin Back Like The IRISH are goin HOME

(18:57:43) James: He is on the ryann harrt CD

(18:58:14) vince: Mark- What you think about Jason Ricci? He's a great young
player.. you think?

(18:59:11) James: I saw him in Frisco a nice original style.

(18:59:14) barbequebob: There's a few guys people should know about from
here like Little Frankie Blandino or Mike Williams

(18:59:50) Mark Hummel: It's dinner time here in Ca. so I gotta run but
that's for the support & kind words & see ya down the road. Jason is a big
talent,I really enjoyed hearing him in Bucks Co.

(19:00:16) deaf_cabbage: Speakin' of coming back, Mark, you were here in
Denver (actually the Little Bear in Evergreen. One heck of a show. Any
chance you will be back this way in the near future?

(19:00:21) James: Mark what ever became of James harman?

(19:00:28) Keebs: Thanks Mark

(19:00:31) bluz2: see ya at KClingers in March

(19:00:52) vince: Thanks Mark! We really are proud to have you!

(19:01:00) Mark Hummel: Thanks for the chat,see ya at the next gig

(19:01:03) vince: I will post the transcript tonight!

(19:01:14) James: See you on the East Caost MarK.

(19:01:19) barbequebob: Take care Mark, maybe I'll email you some details
about the club, or you can contact me at bbqbob917@xxxxxxxxxxx

(19:01:29) Keebs: Bluz Bob thanks for all your Help

(19:01:45) Mark Hummel: Harman is doing my harp shows this week& sounds
better then ever

(19:02:08) barbequebob: No problem!

(19:02:39) James: Ahhh liked the cannonball collection..take care daddyo!

(19:02:43) Mark Hummel: I'll email you Bob

(19:03:24) vince: thanks again Mark! Feel free to come back anytime!

(19:04:46) James: He's from Anniston AL & stays in CA.

(19:04:48) barbequebob: He does, though I haven;t had achance to see him
since I opened for him at Ed Burke's here in Boston in '91

(19:04:58) bluz2: in fact i don't think he leaves Ca.

(19:05:33) James: Heck we need a sceane here on the East.

(19:08:46) dave: Thanks Vince

Mark Hummel Exits The Blues Chat!


Thanks to all that supported this chat!

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