Disappearance of Regular Contibutors

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First of all, a warm hello to all my harmonica friends out there. =20

I've been off the L for a good while due to lots going on in other =
facets of my life, but have checked in periodically, and re-subbed the =
Digest a month or two before the crash which has given me a chance to =
check out what's going on.

I've been reading some opinions lately that have stated that Harp-L has =
become more chatty and less informative than in the golden glow of the =
"good ol' days."  As a member (at times in good standing) for a good =
while, I'll just say that I disagree from what I've observed. =20

Actually, from what I've observed over the past few months, Harp-L has =
in my opinion become much more about sharing information and much less =
about personality issues, endless petty disputes, and gossip. =
Contributors like Michael Peloquin (who wasn't around "back in the day") =
have added to the already solid bunch of guys who have always been here, =
and on the whole seem as unerringly gracious and generous as always.  =
Sure, the crash has led to a temporary dispersal, but the subsequent =
refocusing of community will invariably follow as it always has.

Now of course, I personally have always enjoyed the personality issues, =
endless petty disputes, and gossip that have always flavored Harp-L =
culture, and have probably done more than my part in keeping things =
interesting in that regard.  So if necessary, I'll be glad to stir the =
pot or start a rumor or two before things get too nicey-nicey out of =
hand . . .

Warm Regards as always-Paul Messinger/Chapel Hill NC

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