Re: Zydeco on the harmonica

Art asked:
>    does anyone know of a harp player that palys Zydeco music?
Hi Art.  This isn't current, but:

One very obscure and amazing recording worth seeking out is "The La 
La Blues" by Nathan Abshire and the Pinegrove Boys (Kajun 507, c. 
1960.)  Abshire and his very fine band were white Louisiana Cajuns, 
but on "The La La Blues," they combined forces with a black-sounding 
singer named La La Laverne (La La is also a local term for 'black.') 
The vocal is delivered in a churchy French patois, and there is a 
very bluesy harp in the mix.  Bruce Bastin has said that Lazy Lester 
is the harp-player, but it's difficult to tell.

In any event the combination of black and white influences, French 
lyrics, accordion, fiddle and harmonica produces an off-kilter 
drone-like effect that can only be fully appreciated by repeated 
listenings -- the first time I heard this song (on the radio in about 
'68,) I was actually convinced the DJ was playing the record 

I don't know if this cut is available on CD... I found it on a 45 
years ago at a Swap Meet in New Orleans. Have heard it was also 
issued on an LP on Flyright tho, so by now it may be on CD (?). 
Worth seeking out; although 75% of the people I've played it for 
*hate* it, I think it's fantastic... an all-time strange (and 
wonderful) record.


Tom Ball
Santa Vinny Barbarino

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