Re: Re: Passing of King Biscuit Boy

I concurr with Donnie, Richard Newell (aka King Buscuit Boy) was truly an
original, he embraced so many styles of Blues: New Orleans, Chicago style,
Mississippi etc and brought them up to Toronto and added a fantabulous
'groove'. . His arrangement of Blues Classics like: "Hoy, Hoy Hoy", "Don't
Go no Further" and "Twenty Ways to my Baby's door" are sheer masterpieces!

    His reading of Allen Toussaint's "Bum is Mine" , "I'm Gone" , "Mind over
Matter" & "Greatest Love" are timeless and  Brilliant!!

I hope a company like rhino can put together a full compilation of his
works, to share with the world.

     a Singer and Harper extrordinaire....thanx for the music sir, we'll
miss you.................rob paparozzi

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