Re: Merchandising on Harp-L

Hi Harp-l correspondents,

Since I haven't spammed my products within a month or since the return of
harp-l, here goes:

I offer a Hands-Free-Chromatic (HFC) harmonica that allows you to play
harmonica+frets/keys one-man-band style.  It is also feet-free, in case you
wish to play percussion or bass pedals.

I also offer a very stable (1.2 lbs) Ergonomic-Neck-Rack (ENR.) with a 3/4"
O.D. foam-padded neck yoke. Four adjustable degrees of freedom ( right/left,
near/far, up/down, and tilt ), allow ANY desired playing position of the

These are products for the serious one-man-band musician. Email me off-list
if you wish to receive details, pictures, and prices.

Thanks to harp-l and to you all for the privilege of making this pitch.


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