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> I have no problem with the allowed, limited soliciting.
> I can't stand when someone tells us to go check out his harp or harp
> ebay auction. What are we supposed to do, all go and bid against one
> another?
> Offer it for sale on the list, pre-ebay. If it doesn't sell on the L, then
> go to ebay.
> just my buckthreeeighty
> Michael Peloquin

Wow! This whole thread's beginning to be a bit nuts! When I doing the email
interviews with Rick for his site, in NO way was a offer of payment to me
solicited, nor did I ask for it. The site has plenty of helpful info, and
IMHO clearly is not trying to sell everything but his underwear to you, and
listing other sites that sell stuff for many people new to the instrument is
ALWAYS a help, but to those who feel they know plenty, maybe it seems to be
like an overgrown endorsement deal, but clearly, with Rick's site, IMHO it
is NOT!!!!!!

On Harp-L or any harp related site, self promotion is necessary to let
people know about products and services, (otjherwise known as MARKETING),
and for those whon have a product, be it a CD of your music, your services
as a customizer, or whatever, you'd be out of your ------------- mind if you
didn't post it (or "hawk" it if you will), but don't overdo it like a god
awful McDonald's commercial. For any musican with a product to sell, lists
like this, as well as their own email lists are very important for them for
sales and maintain and increase their following, which in the real world of
the music club business, is VERY important because that is a VERY important
factor for them to book and rebook you or kick your butt to the curb.

In all honesty, I think a bit too much has been made of this and this is
really sad.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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