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> Well it all makes sense. Look at all the Tombos. NONE in the USA! If you
> want to buy a Tombo IN THE USA you got to find a Lee Oskar or order over
> seas. The reason is Lee is over the distribution of all Tombo in the US.
> it's NOT very likely that you will find one of these unless Lee wants to
> incorporate this as one of his harps or let it slide (not very likely).
> *if it seams to be a big demand, what choice does he have? I don't see
> harp becoming a "must have" for most harpers, but I may be wrong (I have
> never played one).
> Vince Cheney
For a few years, and only in a few areas of the West Coast, Tombo marketed
the now discontinued Major Boy, and it was the EXACT same harp as the Lee
Oskar with a different cover plate. I have seen these a couple of times from
some other players and even a store around the Boston area had them, but
this was in the late 80's, and haven;t seen them since.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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