Re: New Harp from Tombo

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     Sounds nice.I'd like to try one.By the way,the meisters can be =
purchased in the US for $50.00.You might want to check out Coast to =
Coast Music or Musician's Friend stores.They'll probably ship to Europe. =
                              Does anyone know if the chrome plates in =
the Meisters are available as replacements.I know the regular MS plates =
will work but I'd like to know ! if the chromed plates are available and =
how much they are.I haven't seen any offered at the on-line music =

  Hi Dave,
  If you want the Meisterklasse reed plate sets, call F & R Farrell, =
(who incidently, is the only place that is allowed to sell Hohner =
chromatic reed plate sets outside of Hohner themselves), but you have to =
call them on their 1-800 phonme number, and by agreement with Hohner, =
they aren't allowed to publish the prices for them, and I'll bet he'd =
charge about 40% off Hohner's list price for them. The only other places =
on line would be two sites from the UK =
or  and they're both terrific people =
to deal with.

  Barbeque Bob Maglinte
  Boston, MA

  Farrell also sells individual reeds too!!!!!!

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