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> I Second Richard's Motion (thoughts, statement)!!

To tell the truth, 

The only thing that seems to put me off about the list is when somebody 
starts whining about the list or things on it. Harp-L is a great resource (As 
is Rick Beall's site which offers a tremendous amount of help to any harp 
player free of charge- also the only thing about it that seems to solicit any 
funds on his part is for donations to the site which is discrete and well on 
the bottom of the web page) and its nice to see people offering what they 
have directly to harp players whether it be musical tips,gear, or CD's. I 
respect Harp-L's commitment in allowing all these aspects of the harmonica 
community thrive here, and I hope to see more input as well from list members 
in the future. 
Also as a fellow who proudly merchandises on Harp-L, I will also add that I 
enjoy being able to sell microphones, and other gear that will help harmonica 
players directly to harmonica players. Its nice to know the gear which I have 
collected over the last two years is going to people who will enjoy and use 
it to further their own creativity.    

Many thanks, 


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