Re: Merchandising on Harp-L

I Second Richard's Motion (thoughts, statement)!!

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Tom Ellis recently posted to speak out against self-promotional posts to
Harp-L, following Rick Beall's post that described new offerings on
Rick's  web site. 

Speaking only for myself as a member of this list, I appreciate the
opportunity to learn about new harmonica-related stuff of all sorts. 
I'm rarely offended by the self-promotional efforts of other list
members, and I hope and presume no one is overly offended by mine.  I
specifically found Rick Beall's recent post to be interesting, if a
little overdone, and generally consistent with what I look for from

I appreciate that one man's news is another man's spam, and that's why I
can only speak for myself.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter 
Turtle Hill Productions

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