Re: New Harp from Tombo

In a message dated 1/6/2003 2:39:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, NormHC@xxxxxxx 

> Hi,
> Sorry don't think so, Lee will not want to bring in any instrument that
> will slow his own sales. Why not ask him?
> If LO gets to put his name on it,it won't slow anything down.Why will these 
> harps not be available in the US?Doesn't make sense.The market is way to 
> big here to ignore.The Japanese aren't that dumb.I have to believe it's 
> only a matter of time before they're all over the place.I mean,there really 
> isn't any other harp like the  meisterklasse  available here at a 
> comparable price.It only makes sense to sell them here.I'll wait and see 
> what happens.Thanks for the offer anyway........Dave

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