Re: New Harp from Tombo

In a message dated 1/6/2003 1:43:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, NormHC@xxxxxxx 

> Hi Guys,
> Have recieved the New Metal body Harp from Tombo called the Areo Harp.
> This is a nice looking harp that seems to be a Chromed body unlike the dull
> harps from Suzuki or Hohner. Too new to say much about it's staying power.
> I look forward to responses from anyone that has tried it out. It's cost is
> around the same as a meisterklasse here in the UK which is 45 pounds
> or $75 Approx.
>    Responses please.
> Regards
> Norman

    Sounds nice.I'd like to try one.By the way,the meisters can be purchased 
in the US for $50.00.You might want to check out Coast to Coast Music or 
Musician's Friend stores.They'll probably ship to Europe.                     
     Does anyone know if the chrome plates in the Meisters are available as 
replacements.I know the regular MS plates will work but I'd like to know if 
the chromed plates are available and how much they are.I haven't seen any 
offered at the on-line music stores.Thanks......Dave

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