Richard Hunter free harmonica music for December 2002

My latest free electric harp pieces, "Bright Green Rain" and "Crawlin
Monroe Blues," are available to subscribers in their entirety for free
download at my web site right now.  The latter piece is my second
straight-up blues in this series, a duet with harmonica and slide
guitar.  Any blues harp player who's interested in hearing how effects
work with amped harp should be very interested in "Bright Green Rain"
too; it's a mysterious piece of dub reggae with a lead harp sound that's
definitely different.

Short samples of the music I've released so far in my "Jacked In" series
of electric harp pieces can be heard at my website at  If you're interested in hearing
these pieces and all the others I'll be releasing free to subscribers,
one per month, now through April 2003, go to the URL above, check the
samples out, and send me a valid e-mail address.  That's all there is to
it.  You give me an e-mail address, I give you music.  

Thanks, Richard Hunter 
Turtle Hill Productions

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