Someone's gotta do it

Dirty job time ... Donning my Worker's cap again, folks.  Ok, first:

Self-promotion is allowed, has been for ages, on Harp-L ... no more
than once a month preferred, but leniency prevails, because, well...
maybe sometimes the only thing you have to promote happens two or more
times in a single month or something.  We ain't gonna string you up by
your reedplates for overstepping once in awhile.  Those of us who
aren't interested have delete keys like anyone else.

The main thing to keep in mind, everyone, is that complaints should be
taken OFFLIST, whether to gripe at the offender or seek relief from the
list administration.  If someone or something has you upset, email your
comments to either the Workers staff at <harp-l-workers@xxxxxxxxxx> or
the Listowner at <owner-harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx> only.  Discussing Harp-L
operating procedures is NOT considered "harmonica-related" and doesn't
belong onlist.  OK?

This segues into a more serious problem ... Insulting, denegrating,
ridiculing, accusing [etc.] other Harp-Lers onlist are very undesirable
behaviors that only seem to escalate as others then feel they must take
sides in the dispute.  Then we begin getting all the "Me, Too!" and
"What he said!" posts; often including the entire post being touted, of
course.  Not only hurtful and childish, these eruptions often result in
a pall over the entire list that can even stifle other good discussions
going on at the time, and maybe cause some to leave the list in
disgust,  illustrating how inappropriate such activity is.  Respect for
fellow members is the name of the game, friends.  OK?

And as long as we're respecting everybody around here :) .... Please
turn off the Rich Text and HTML!  Consider these harmful effects:

Messages sent in HTML needlessly increase [often more than double!] the
size of postings and the Digest, and therefore, also the storage space
taken up on the server... which we, that is SPAH, must pay for!!  [I've
removed the formatting from one 7K post plus 14K of attached images and
it shrank to a mere 2K!!!]  Just switching to Outlook is not enough --
you must manually select Plain Text because Outlook defaults to HTML.

HTML doesn't always display correctly in everyone's email, making it
frustrating to read and annoyingly messy.  It also louses up the
archives, where the messages break down and display in HTML tag form;
and images are just line after line of code!  Really irritating and
space hogging!  Complaints about all this are now beginning to roll in
- -- offlist and, improperly of course, onlist.

But perhaps most importantly, HTML coded email and/or attachments is
the most likely way that viruses are transmitted via email.  Do you
really want to risk infecting the entire list community just because
you want to send your message posted in a special flame-orange font???

Come on, friends - Make a New Year's resolution that's easy to keep and
helpful to all... Save HTML for websites and personal emails.
For Harp-L, post responsibly ...  Use PLAIN TEXT!  OK?

Harp-L is recovering quite nicely, although there is still much to do
behind the scenes to make it as good as it can be.  But, most of its
well-being relies on the comaraderie of its members, coming together
with the intent of sharing ideas and information, [musical, commercial,
technical, or otherwise;] and, also, for supporting each other in the
promotion and advancement of our instrument, the harmonica, and
anything related the instrument.  The harmonica has grown up a lot
during its rich history, and it's really not too much to expect us to
show some maturity, as well.  Let's try... OK?  

Thanks a bunch for your cooperation.  
Now... I got a Renny to go work on...


||  B O B B I E   G I O R D A N O  || SPAH Members Support Harp-L! ||
||  h a r p  s p o k e n  h e r e  ||  harp-l-workers@xxxxxxxxxx   ||

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