Re: The line between advertising, promoting and spamming

I certainly agree with this. I have a non-commercial website that offers all
kinds of great info! I've never made any money from the site, yet it would
be very easy to post an "ad" instead of informing the list! I have wondered
myself if I wasn't sending out "ads" instead of "useful info" a few times. I
think the sender knows what he/she is sending when they push "send". I think
we can all contribute to Harp-L more than we do, certainly us that use
Harp-L as a means to inform the world. Why not inform Harp-L on Harp-L! Rick
ask me a while back why I didn't just include my interview, writing or
review in my posts to harp-l instead of making people visit my site for it.
Now that this has been mentioned... Maybe me and the rest of the site owners
should post some of our info to Harp-L (instead of asking for site traffic).
Then maybe send out a monthly newsletter to the list w/ our site updates on

None of the posts I have ever made were self serving. I and most site owners
post to Harp-L hoping that what we have on our site will help the list
members. But at times we could start sharing it w/ Harp-L instead of asking
the list to come to us for it. After all I think I owe Harp-L a lot for the
great service. I have certainly taken more that I could ever give!

PS: To mention Rick a sec, I've never known of him to invite anyone to his
site w/ a self-serving motivation!

Vince Cheney

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