Re: disappearance of regular contributors

 Barry Bean wrote:
> Bah humbug. The banter and one liners are part of the price you pay to
have a sense of community. Harp-l isn't supposed to simply be an online
> encyclopedia.
> I have no problem picking up useful information on Harp-l. My own
technique, understanding, abilities, and range of exposure has been
> improved by this resource.
- ---Wish I'd have written this! Let me add that if anyone isn't happy with
the content of threads-and of course they're not always informative-why not
post and introduce a thread that's more informative?
     And on the subject of self-promotion,I say promote,promote!Because of
the self-promotion of various list members,I've been able to buy vintage
mics,custom harps,instruction books,CDs by interesting players,etc.
      I live in rural West Virginia.There are maybe three other serious
players who live in a 100 mile radius of me.How else am I gonna hear about
all this stuff if people don't self-promote?For that matter,how would I
learn half the stuff I've learned on harp-l?
     So for me harp-l has been,and is, a great thing.Just like Barry said...
WVa Bob

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