Merchandising on Harp-L

I read posts by Rick Beall, touting his website, Tom Ellis, complaining
about the growing number of 'buy-my-product' posts, and Mark Wilson,
defending Rick and suggesting that Tom apologize.  I  think harp-l policy
allows you to advertise your gig, product, website, etc. if done in
moderation, and no more frequently than once a month.

Personally, I found Rick's post to be a bit high on the hyperbole scale.
That didn't particularly bother me, however.  As a matter of fact, I went to
his site and added it to my favorites, so I can go back when I have more
time.  Looks like lots of good stuff there.  Tom Ellis has a very high
reputation in both the harmonica and the vintage microphone communities.  I
don't think I've ever seen any "advertising" posts from Tom.  I think
perhaps he came down on Rick a little harder than necessary since Rick
wasn't trying to sell anything, rather he was offering free information of
interest to the Harp-L community.  On the other hand Rick's post, on its
surface, read like a lot of spammy ads, with a "did you know this and did
you know that and come to my site for the inside scoop" flavor.

I'm reminded that e-communication is often misunderstood.  Often the
receiver reads a note in a different context than the sender intended.

All this seems like a potentially volatile situation.  Perhaps a
clarification of the policy on merchandising on Harp-L by Micheal Polesky
would help.

Best regards to all,

Larry Boy Pratt

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