Re: disappearance of regular contributors

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> On Fri, 03 Jan 2003 08:35:29 -0800, Roger A Gonzales wrote:
> >> Harp-l has become more of a format for sarcastic banter, silly one 
> >> liners, 
> >> and self promotion within the community than information exchange.
> >> 
> >
> >This has been pretty much the case for a long time.  Even before the 
> Harp-l crash.    
> >As far as info...important info that is useful and helpful for 
> all....getting harder and harder to find on Harp-l....good thing my delete 
> button works so well.
> Bah humbug. The banter and one liners are part of the price you pay to have 
> a sense of community. Harp-l isn't supposed to simply be an online 
> encyclopedia.
> Harp-l is fortunate enough to have a great many of the world's top players, 
> instrument designers, repairmen, authors, educators, and manufacturers 
> either on 
> list or one step removed. I'm not aware of any other forum, online or off 
> that provides the kind of access we have to the best in the field. 
> Prior to harp-l, most of us were fortunate if we knew a dozen other harp 
> players that we ran into at gigs or the annual SPAH convention. If we were 
> exceptionally fortunate, we might get 2 or three chances a year to pick the 
> brains of a top player, repairman, or engineer. 
> I have no problem picking up useful information on Harp-l. My own 
> technique, understanding, abilities, and range of exposure has been 
> dramatically 
> improved by this resource. If the price of the resource is to occasionally 
> ignore a thread or add a person or two to the kill file, that's a small 
> price to pay. 

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