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Subject: high A harp?

> Hello Folks,
>     Is it possible to make a high A harp? Or are the reeds just too
> thin.
> Thank you for any input.
> Sincerly,
> Brian Pellerin

Hi Brian,
It is possible, however, it's too bad Hohner stopped making the Vest
Pocket/Piccolo Harps because they came stock with High G's and High A's. If
you were to make a high A, get yourself a high G to do it from, because
doing it from an F means a LOT of filing/scraping that will actually weaken
the reed metal quickly from all of that diling/scraping necessary to do it.
It can also be done with solder, but if you've never done it before, it can
be a VERY tricky proposition to deal with. I'm pretty sure you can contact a
harp manufacturer, like Hohner or Lee Oskar to actually make one for you for
a price. For a number of years, for example, one had to make their own
"Major 7th harps," until Hohner finally started making them asa a production
line model in the mid 80's calling them Country Tuned, so obviously, there
is a way.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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