Re: Super Reverb Question, Take 2

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saxandharper@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> 1. I heard you could just pull one of the main power
> tubes to be able to overdrive at lower volumes. Is
> this really a good idea or does it strain some other
> part of the circuit? Does it matter which one you
> pull?
> 2. Power attenuators seem like another possibility.
> Any particular model to get or avoid?

Both of these are not really a good idea.  The amp is a "push-pull" design 
that requires the two power tubes for proper operation.  The power 
attenuators reduce the voltage to the amp which makes the electronics run at 
the wrong specs.  The "power soaks" are not great either.

The best approach is to try some preamp tube swaps using 12AU7 or 12AY7 
tubes.  The Super Reverb is a loud and clean amp which makes it great for 
jazz guitar and cleaner harp sounds.  The best way to get an over-driven amp 
sound is really to get a lower powered amp.  Two amps is not a bad thing!

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