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> >Another question I have about both the Dan Electro and SongWorks real
> >spring reverb pedals is do they make a goddam awful noise if kicked or
> >bumped the way the Fender Reverb Tank and the like do?  If so that
> really >limits their practical use, great tone or not.
> Or greatly expands their practical usage, depending on how you look at
> it.  Listen to some early Jamaican dub (Augustus Pablo, King Tubby...)
> and you'll hear a few nice, big "boings" from making use of just that
> feature.  Quite funky, and very nice effect at times.
> If you don't want it, just be more careful around your reverb.
>  ()()   JR "Bulldogge" Ross
> ()  ()  & Snuffy, too:)
> `---'

Seems to depend on who you talk to.
The few local people with experience with them I've had a chance to talk to have
found that most venues have pretty ... umm ... volatile stage conditions ;)
which means there's a tendancy for units like these to be bounced around a bit.
For instance a number of pub stages are make shift affairs and therefore less
than stable conditions for anything on top of it.

I'm undecided - I want a really good reverb that can be used very subtly or with
plenty of depth, but I don't want it to be a pain in the arse otherwise I'm just
not going to use it at all.  If I go and buy a digital effects pedal, I'm not
going to be much better off than just using the PA's or power speaker's built in

I'm looking up the recommendations.

I tried out the NanoVerb some time ago, it was reasonably nice although a bit
sterile, its worst quality was it had a "signal" light, and when my playing
stopped or went below a certain volume the light would go off and there would be
an obvious click and lack of signal to the amp.  Worked fine in the effects loop
of a PA.  But I'd prefer something that I can just put in the chain... it'll
either be on its own or used with my echo.

The biggest trouble for me is it seems quite tough to get my hands on most of
these units locally and actually try them out since they're not stocked by the
local shops, and to bring them in they want me to buy them .... argh!
If I could try them out I wouldn't be typing these emails.


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