Unsubscribing Harp-L

Hi Roger,

Sorry you're leaving, but you should remember that requests to 
unsubscribe Harp-L are handled as follows...

Send an e-mail to this address only:  <majordomo@xxxxxxxxxx>

Type this message command exactly as shown:

unsubscribe harp-l

Omit any signature.  That should do it!

Please feel free to contact us at either <harp-l-workers@xxxxxxxxxx> 
or <owner-harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx> for further help or information.

Best regards,
||  B O B B I E   G I O R D A N O  ||        bobg@xxxxxxxxx       ||
||  h a r p  s p o k e n  h e r e  ||  harp-l-workers@xxxxxxxxxx  ||

At 10:01 PM 1/4/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>unsubscribe harp-l

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