Re: The Big Shill......

Hi Tom!

You said:

>Before the digest went silent months ago many of us who are active in the
> harmonica community, and have been for over a decade, were beginning to
> tire of the presence of people who shamelessly used the digest as nothing
> more than a chance to shill for their products, retail stores, etc.

And then:
> From what I've seen over the last few weeks, and after the recent post
from Rick Beall,
>it's worse now than it ever was.

After a quick scan through my deleted harp-l messages, since the comeback, I
had a hard time finding many  messages at all from people shilling their
products.  Please enlighten me!  As far as your comments about Rick Beal I
think you are WAY out of line.  He operates one of the most informative and
entertaining  harmonica sites on the net.  Tons of FREE information, an
excellent FREE online jam, FREE MIDI backing tracks, FREE reviews on
harmonica books and publications, and today he offered list members access
to FREE info on the Astatic JT-30. Damn, I didn't even have to buy the Book!
Whats the problem?  Sure he offers things for sale on his site!  So what!
Trust me, he loses money every month and keeps things going because he loves
what he's doing.  He's an asset to the harmonica community and should not be
trashed by you or anyone else.

You seem like a straight up guy and you've always been fair with me but I
think you owe Rick Beal an apology.

Mark Wilson
Irvine CA

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