Re: Astatic JT-30 Inside and Out!

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Dave wrote:
>I don't know where he's getting his jt's but I've heard alot of >them =
and never heard one with a bottom that can come >close to that of a =
bullet....[and he also wrote]  I personally prefer the Shure CR =
mics...etc etc etc

As Dave says,this stuff is just his opinion,but I must say Dave knows =
his mics.I bought one of his vintage GBs with the black CR element and I =
really like it.To my ear it's just as Dave says:this mic has more bottom =
than the vintage JT-30s.By the way,I like the JT-30 too and own several =
of them myself.Anyway,that's my 2 cents.
WVa Bob  =20

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