Re: disappearance of regular contributors

>The salad days of substantive harmonica discussion will return. Hang in
>there. I guess we're just reprouping after the crash. The regulars will be
>Sometimes the banter is fun-do we have to be dead serious all the time?
>Flames are an unfortunate fact of life anywhere on the Net, it seems,
>and a limited amount of self-promotion is tolerated. I think anyone who is
>a subscriber and puts out a new CD, book or video ought to announce it
>here, frankly.
>It goes in cycles. People tend to talk about gear when nothing else is
>going on, and then someone will start the ball rolling. That's when you
>can learn a lot. I can't even begin to tell how much I've learned here.
>It's incredible.
>Glenn Weiser

  Glenn, you are 100% correct. We don't have to be dead serious ALL the
time. Also, if some people are constantly looking for negatives ( even when
none exist), I feel they should lighten up, OR re-read the post a second
  Artists (and I DO mean artists, of which we have many) SHOULD be allowed
to promote their stuff, aren't we all family? Aren't we here to support our

  Your words "I can't even begin to tell you, etc." show how a gentleman
thinks. Being that YOU are one of the TEACHERS, I find it refreshingly


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