Re: Super Reverb Question, Take 2


I know of harp players who have used the same, two tube, class AB amp with 
just one power tube for years with no problems. The likelyhood of causing 
real damage at the low volumes that an otherwise stock amp achieves for harp 
is actually pretty low, check plate voltages if you're worried. For all those 
guys wondering how they can make their class AB into class A, this is the 
simplest method. On a multi speaker amp it is adviseable to disconnect half 
the speakers (double the speaker load) to prevent the tubes seeing a shorted 
circuit (you would really be best advised to do the same thing if pulling the 
outer 2 tubes on a Twin). Having said all that, I personally do not care for 
this kind of set up.

A "pentode/triode" switch or a "fixed/cathode bias" switch could be installed 
by a tech relatively cheaply and would make the amp more useful at lower 

Speakers are the most costly components in a Super Reverb, I would want to be 
sure that all the other components were functioning as desired before 
shelling out $350+ for "different" ones. Ceramic vs Alnico, Jensen vs 
Eminence vs's really subjective territory.

Regards, Mark B.

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