Re: Tips on mic cables, was Cable Advice

In a message dated 1/4/2003 5:46:52 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
FITGO@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Th elast 4 years I only use a very cheap coax, a thin version, called:
> RG058.(50 ohm ) . I use neutrik 1/4 and the I'm more than happy withj these
> cables. They are a bit siff, but you get used to them.
> A few friends of mine(harpplayers/bass guitar and guitar players use these
> cables too

      RG58 cable is mini coax cable used for radio communications.This stuff 
will work as will rolled tin foil.This cable is not suitable for instrument 
use.You're loosing alot of what your mic is capable of delivering!.....Dave

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