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> I have this very same mic, and thru Kevin's Harps (now known as Harp House <A HREF="";>
></A> ) bought two of these cables, but right away, 
> compared to a Spectraflex guitar cable, the signal was clearly superior 
> with the guitar cable setup.
> Hope this helps.
> Having been building mics for quite some time,I've had the chance to try 
many types of cables.It is definately worth spending a few extra bucks for a 
good quality cable.The cheap ones and some of the more pricey ones will 
oxidize over time and you will loose alot of the signal from your 
element.I've seen it happen with some name brand cables but I won't mention 
any names.I'm not a big fan of the adapters that alot of guys use.They wear 
out and prevent good contacts and can cause pull out problems with some of 
you wilder players that like to move around alot.I prefer the JT30's with the 
XLR connectors myself.It has been my experience that buying a quality 
microphone cable as opposed to a standard guitar cable will provide the best 
signal without the problem with oxidation because its usually the braided 
ground that oxidizes first when exposed.Mic cables are made differently with 
2 or 3 internal wires that are insulated.I like to use a cable made by Planet 
Waves that uses a directional cable meaning that you use one particular end 
for the amp and the other specifically for the mic or instrument.I think they 
call it directional technology or something like that.I've had very good luck 
with these cables.They are very well made and provide maximum signal.They 
also use a patented cable end with a flared ground collar and gold plated 
plugs with a nice cable strain reducer molded onto the cable ends.They sell 
for $25 to $35 depending on where you buy them.For those of you who want to 
use the screw on connector but are having trouble finding the cables or 
ends,I have some brand new switchcraft screw on connectors if you'd like to 
buy one or send me your cable and I will install one for you.They are $4 each 
or installed for $7 on your favorite cable.Contact me off line if you want 

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