Re: Tips on mic cables, was Cable Advice

Th elast 4 years I only use a very cheap coax, a thin version, called:
RG058.(50 ohm ) . I use neutrik 1/4 and the I'm more than happy withj these
cables. They are a bit siff, but you get used to them.
A few friends of mine(harpplayers/bass guitar and guitar players use these
cables too.
Our bass player once broke a cable, he asked me for one, and connected the
between the A/B switch he uses(switch from electric bass to standing bass)
He abslolutely didn't konw whatt cable  I gave him, but he had to his amp
because the amp was so much louder, very good mid slound and (for bass!)
very good highs.
Our guitarplayer now uses only yhe coax.He too is very happy with the
Another friend of mine is going to compare the cable with a "Van den Hul"
hifi cable(which for him is the ultimatie guitar cable= $700 /5 ft!!!!!!!!)

If you want the more technical details, please visit the site of our
Feel free to ask him any detail, his name is Arie-Jan

The best part:
price of the coax: $0,75 for 4 ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just go to a electronic store et......voila........

Worth giving it a try i would say

Ben Bouman

Contact me off list, I can send you a file where I play on my JT30 with a
very strong sounding shure CR element, screw-on connector, adapter, the coax
cable and the small. 1,5 watt Pignose 7-100

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