Re:Super Reverb Question, Take 2

Hi Bill & Harp-lers, Happy New Year,

      Moving out of semipermanent lurker status to try and save your amp
before you cause it harm..It is very bad (could be fatal) to remove one of
the two power tubes on a Super (or any other 2 tube amp). This could do all
sorts of potentially disastrous damage to the amp. What you had probably
heard about was pulling 2 power tubes out of a 4 power tube amp (Like a Twin
Reverb or Showman etc). That is still not the greatest way to achieve a
power drop. An attenuator is a better route to go. As far as speakers go,
I've never had great success with Emminence but swear by Weber speakers.
Give Ted a call or drop him an email and tell him what you're looking for
and he'll  be glad to make a suggestion for what you need.

Hope this Helps,


Please check out my website. Those of you that are still on the aol
plantation will have to cut and paste the url.

>Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 20:09:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill Houle <saxandharper@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Super Reverb Question, Take 2

. I
still have a couple questions:

1. I heard you could just pull one of the main power
tubes to be able to overdrive at lower volumes. Is
this really a good idea or does it strain some other
part of the circuit? Does it matter which one you

2. Power attenuators seem like another possibility.
Any particular model to get or avoid?

3. It has Eminence speakers in it. I don't know much
about speakers, are there better types to use for this


Bill H

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