Astatic JT-30 Inside and Out!

Hi All my Harp-L Buds (if I may be so bold),

I just added an exciting new item to my web site, and I thought I'd tell you
about it. now has more information about JT-30's relevant to harp
players than any other site on the web!

We can thank Barbecue Bob Maglinte for this.

I just spent a month doing an email interview with Barbecue Bob.  Barbecue
Bob has toured with Jimmy Rogers, Luther Guitar Junior Johnson, Louisiana
Red, and was hipped to JT-30's by none other than Big Walter hisself.

And now Barbecue Bob wants to hip you too.

Barbecue Bob talks from facts and well earned opinion grown from
years of touring and harp playing.

I have some highlights from the article below on   :

Everyone knows that JT-30's used a variety of elements: the MC-151,  MC-127,
MC-101, and MC-126.  Some are salt, some are ceramic, some have a mid-range
presence rise.  Barbecue Bob explains the differences between the elements
and which sound best for harp.

Did you know that in 1984 Astatic changed the grill in the JT-30's in a way
which affects both their tone and the durability of the crystal elements? We
have details.

It is particulary easy to ruin the tone of an Astatic with a poor choice of
cable.  Barbecue Bob explains.

The Shure Green Bullet has used a variety of elements over the years.  Which
is the best?

If you play jazz influence blues, the Shure Green Bullet might be a better
fit for your playing style than the JT-30.  Barbecue Bob gives you his
insights, the result of years of experience, on this.

Do you want some tips on how to adjust your Green Bullet or JT-30 to your

JT-30 are kinda expensive nowadays, but there are some Astatics models out
there that have the same elements.  Barbecue Bob has the model numbers.

Should you decide to price or buy a mic, I suggest you try my pre-defined
searches for cool microphones and amplifiers on Ebay.  I am constantly
tuning the searches to make them more accurate and to save you time.  All
these searches are on the same page as the microphone article.

For instance, if you click on "Harp Amp" you will see what other people
think are great harp amps.  If you click on "Boutique Amps", you will find
lots of great deals on Victorias, Kendricks, Blues Pearls, and many others.
If you click on "Misc. Amps", then you can find specific brands of amps
other people have not thought about using for harp.  And of course we have
links to my favorite deal, the Kalamazoo, and the Silvertone line.  I also
have links to Pignose and Fender amps.  When an amp is still available new,
I have links to both the new and the used amps, so you can do some
comparison shopping.

Oh yes, and we have mic links.  Isn't that what I'm supposed to be talking
about?  With a click you can check out the music and ham radio microphone
auctions which are closing in 5 minutes.  Maybe you can snap up a great
deal!  We have various ways of searching for JT-30's and Green Bullets that
are guaranteed to unearth these shiny little audio jewels.  (As I write
this, I a JT-30 and a "Bullet" sitting on my desk, each sitting on their
old, cools stands.  I find them inspiring!)  I have links to the Paul
Butterfield mic, the Shure 545 (as I write this there are several of them
available on Ebay).  If you march to a different drummer, I have links to
particular kick drum mics that various harp players have said are great for
harp.  If you want to go for state of the art experimental hand wah effects
a la the Shaker MadCat mic, I have links to Lavalier Mics.

When you bid, make 5 cents which help keep it and the the Online Jam running.  All I can say is that I hope you find the
links useful.  I am enjoying the journey as much as you are!

Concerning Barbecue Bob's microphone article, you could go on tour for years
and gather this information yourself,  or avoid all the cigarette smoke,
beer and crazy women with their crazy lovers and read this article.

              Rick B

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