Super Reverb Question

A speaker change made a huge difference in my black faced SF SR.  It had New
Sensor Eminence alnicos that were unbearably bright.  Bassman RI eminence
alnicos were much better.  I currently have Weber VST Signature series
alnicos with H dust cones in it- they sound great.  The Signature alnico
10's are not on the web site but were available as of 2 mo ago.  I use 12AY7
preamp tubes.

My SR has a big, warm, fairly clean sound.  It would take significant mods
to make it sould like a tweed era amp.

I tried a Weber MASS attenuator with it, and didn't think it helped much.

Don't pull a power tube.

Jim R

> Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 20:09:13 -0800 (PST)
> From: Bill Houle <saxandharper@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: , Take 2
> Sorry if this is a repeat, I think I had the wrong
> address on my first try...
> I recently acquired a '72 silverface Fender Super
> Reverb that was modded back to blackface specs. I'm
> working on getting it tuned up for harp and am trying
> to figure out how to make this a more versatile amp at
> lower volumes as well.  I searched the archives and
> got a lot of good info on preamp tube swaps,
> rectifiers, power tubes and preferred tube types. I
> still have a couple questions:
> 1. I heard you could just pull one of the main power
> tubes to be able to overdrive at lower volumes. Is
> this really a good idea or does it strain some other
> part of the circuit? Does it matter which one you
> pull?
> 2. Power attenuators seem like another possibility.
> Any particular model to get or avoid?
> 3. It has Eminence speakers in it. I don't know much
> about speakers, are there better types to use for this
> amp?
> Thanks,
> Bill H

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