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  My wife surprised me with a mic from Rod Piazza for x-mas.  I was  =
wondering what cable I should purchase to fit such a nice piece of =
equipment?  It included the adapter for a guitar cable.  I don't =
understand the differences between the types cables.=20

  I have an old Princeton Reverb amp (silver face, probably 70's) that I =
play through.=20

  I'm just starting to play out (open mic night)  so I am still building =
up my equipment.=20


  (PS.  I feel like my old friend is back.  Thanks for getting the =
mailing list up and going!)

  Rod always includes the adapter because the screw on connector type =
cables are harder to find. Personally, I'd rather use the adapter and =
get a good quality guitar cable because the quality of the available new =
screw on cables aren't that great, and you can get some REALLY good =
quality cables made by Monster Cable, Spectraflex, etc.. The highest =
quality, and most expensive 20' cable I know of is an Allessandro, and =
it goes for about $200, but you DON'T have to spend that kind of dough =
for a good quality cable. Sure, you can skimp on the price, but 99 times =
out of 100, you get what you pay for. There are some decent quality =
lower priced cables (Peavey makes an excellent quality cable that if you =
shop around you may be able to get for as little as $10), but Monster =
Cable and Spectraflex are some of the best to be had and you can get =
them in a 18-20' length for about $20-30, and a god quality cable will =
have a better signal quality, higher output, and will generally outlast =
most cheapies (not to mention take more of a beating).

  I have this very same mic, and thru Kevin's Harps (now known as Harp =
House ) bought two of these cables, but right =
away, compared to a Spectraflex guitar cable, the signal was clearly =
superior with the guitar cable setup.

  Hope this helps.

  Barbeque Bob Maglinte
  Boston, MA

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