Re: 3rd Position

Steve, a couple of things have helped me greatly with 3rd position playing.

First, learn the complete scale.  There are plenty of places on the web that 
have the layout.  Here is one (note that it includes all of the overblows 
and bends, but you won't need all of that to start)

Second, grab a recording in which a player uses 3rd position.  Paul Delay is 
my favorite 3rd position player.  An excellent starter song is "14 Dollars 
in the Bank" using an A harp and playing in B.  I like this one because it 
is a major key blues song but played in the minor flavored 3rd position.  
For this song, play around with 1 draw and blow (the root and the flat 7) as 
well as the 4,5,6 draw/blow.

Hope this helps


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