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My Harp Commander is in the mail on the way to me as we speak so I have not
tried one yet.  I'll have it at the jam happening in Irvine on Jan 19th so
if you show up you can try it out.  Here is a quote from an email I received
from Ron Holms about 2 weeks ago.

"The Harp Commander has a nice tube-like sound and feel but is not as
"mushy" or dynamic as a tube amp for harp use. Depends on where you play,
how you play and whether or not you mind dragging around tube amps. A tube
amp will usually have better dynamics and sound but only if it is really
dialed for harp or is a truly vintage tube amp that sounded great to begin

Sounds to me from this that a good tube amp will in the end sound  better
than the Commander. I assume it will cut some of the highs in a similar
fashion to my Harmonica Honker when I've got the Honk turned up.  The
shrillnes of the harp is diminished, especially in the higher pitched keys,
but the trade off is you lose some of the dynamics on the upper end.  I'll
know for shure in a few days and will post my take to the list.
Didn't Mojo Red get a Commander for Christmas?  How about a review?

Mark Wilson
Irvine CA

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> Yup,
> I do, great results, very satisfied.
> more here
> under "amps" and "my rig"
> Cheers
> G.
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> > Anybody use the Harp Commander run just through the PA? Any info on how
> > effective using the Harp Commander this way would be appreciated.
> > WVa Bob
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