Super Reverb Question, Take 2

Sorry if this is a repeat, I think I had the wrong
address on my first try...

I recently acquired a ?72 silverface Fender Super
Reverb that was modded back to blackface specs. I?m
working on getting it tuned up for harp and am trying
to figure out how to make this a more versatile amp at
lower volumes as well.  I searched the archives and
got a lot of good info on preamp tube swaps,
rectifiers, power tubes and preferred tube types. I
still have a couple questions:

1. I heard you could just pull one of the main power
tubes to be able to overdrive at lower volumes. Is
this really a good idea or does it strain some other
part of the circuit? Does it matter which one you

2. Power attenuators seem like another possibility.
Any particular model to get or avoid?

3. It has Eminence speakers in it. I don?t know much
about speakers, are there better types to use for this


Bill H

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