Re: Little Lanelei, was Danelectro Spring King Reverb

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> Dave, 
>     I never actually tried it, just eye balled it in the store.  I think 
> the one I was looking at was the AD-5 and the Yamaha one is called the 
> AG-Stomp box, very similar.  The Yammy has much of the same stuff, feedback 
> reduction circuit, etc.  I'll have to give it a real try sometime (actually 
> both). many toys, and so little money and so little time. 
> Don D
     How true this is.Thats the main reason I don't care to look at anything 
else.Too many toys and I'm happy with the AD-3 so I'm going to save myself 
all the fun of trying them all! Seriously though Don,go with your amp and 
favorite mic and give the thing a try.Its amazing,but like I said before,give 
yourself some time to really play with the thing and don't do that without 
enough money to buy it! The AD-5 may be a bit pricey,but the AD-3 you can get 
for $150 tops.I think I talked the salesman down to $125 for mine but I also 
made a trade on the deal.Its worth every penny of $150.If it was the 5,see if 
they can get you a 3.You'll get the main features for probably half of what 
you'll pay for the 5,and its small enough to put right on top of your amp.The 
reverb is fantastic,and the chorus adds a really interresting sound 
too.Together its really cool.Do yourself the favor and go try it out.Let me 
know how much you paid for it!........Have fun.......Dave

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